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Sunday 9th June 2024 10am


Before The Race

Do you have to be a club runner to enter the 10k?
No, it is open to all runners aged 15 years or over.

Is it a tough course? 
No, the course is fast and almost flat - but it is 10K! It is ideal for both first time 10k runners or runners to improve their PB.

How do I know if I have been accepted into the race?
Once you have completed the online form and paid the fee, you should receive a confirmation email shortly afterwards. If this does not happen please check your spam folder then email your details to or contact the race hotline on 07751392343.

What will I receive before the race?
All runners, who have been accepted into the race, will be sent a race number with chip attached by post two weeks prior to the event. If this has not arrived within one week of the event please email your details to  or contact the race hotline on 07751392343.

I’ve entered but am unable to take part. Can I get a refund or give my place to a friend?
We are unable to give refunds but are happy to facilitate transfers to other runners up until the numbers have been posted out (normally 2 weeks before race day). Please don’t swap your race number with any other runner, as this could cause problems for our medical teams and results service.

Can I walk the race? 
This event is a road race designed for runners. The traffic management plan is built around the estimated times of club and fun runners. We are therefore unable to accommodate walkers in the event. Runners who may need to walk for sections are absolutely fine.

Can I run with my dog? 
The race is a permitted event run under Scottish Athletics event rules. This means you can’t run with dogs or use any other aids.

Can I run with a buggy or pram or a wheelchair
Yes. There is a separate section of the entry form - The 10K Stroller Roll, for runners wishing to do this. However all pushed devices will need to start at the back of the field to comply with our insurers requirements. The Stroller Roll is non competitive - this means there are no prizes for this category.

As the race unfolds and the field spreads out, you will be able to overtake slower runners. However if you are liable to get impatient to the point of rudeness then it is probably not the event for you. NB: it is one medal / T shirt per entry.

Race Day

Where is the start / finish?
The race start is on the entry / exit road to the Ayrshire Athletics Arena. The finish is at the start of the 100m straight, having completed ¾ of a lap of the track.

Do I need to bring anything with me on race day?
Please bring your race number and safety pins or better still pre-attach it to your running top.

What should I do when I arrive on the day?
If you arrive ready to run then we would encourage you to warm up and stretch on the track, footpaths to the rear of the Ayrshire Athletics Arena or on the adlacent fields.
Please try and remain within the range of the PA system. There will be an aerobics warm up at 9.30 on the first bend of the track.

What happens if I can’t finish the race? 
If you need medical attention or are too tired to complete the course, please alert the nearest steward who will call for assistance. A vehicle will follow the last runner and will collect anybody requiring assistance.

What catering services will be available on the day?
Catering vans will be based at the Ayrshire Athletics Arena. The Park Hotel are offering a discounted buffet in addition to a free drink. Kilmarnock town centre has a large number of restaurants suitable for a post race celebration.

What happens at the finish?
After crossing the finish line, you will receive a goody bag, T shirt, medal and a drink. 
Please then move away from the finish area to avoid congestion.

After The Race

How will I know my finishing time?
All results are posted dynamically here - RESULTS. You can get a printout of your time at the timing company van and runners who have provided a mobile number should receive a text within one minute of finishing.

Prize Presentation

Prizes will be presented approximately 30 minutes after the first runner finishes.
An announcement will be made through the PA system advising where the presentation will take place.


If you have any further questions please call the race hotline on 07751392343. Leave a clear message, with your contact details, and someone will get back to you. 
Alternatively email

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